Organic Panacea CBD Oil Derived From Hemp Capsules


Product Description

  • CBD enriched Panacea Hemp OIl provides tremendous potential health benefits 
  • CBD oil can be used under the tongue or taken in this capsule form.
  • Buy CBD online for hassle free health benefits.

Our Panacea CBD Oil is extracted from hemp plants grown in Colorado at a USDA certified organic hemp farm. If you have chronic pain, chronic inflammation, headaches,  motor function disorders, or want to reduce your risk of neurodegenerative diseases, buy CBD online in this capsule form. As an antioxidant, benefits of CBD enriched Hemp Oil are vast. For everyday health benefits, or for medical benefits, reap them all with this CBD oil made from hemp. Our Panacea Hemp Oil is rich in CBD, rich in other naturally occurring substances and is less than .3% THC.

  • 10mg Capsules (30)
  • 25mg Capsules (30)
  • 50 mg Capsules (30)